1. he’s a genius. and i’m not just saying that because i’m his loving, slightly obsessed wife. his brain flat-out amazes me. he knows how to do EVERYTHING. and if he doesn’t, he’ll learn by tomorrow (and know more about the topic than the person who has been studying the subject  matter for YEARS.) common conversation in our house…me: you’ll NEVER guess what i learned today while watching the history channel! the rubix cube was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian sculptor! danny: oh you mean Erno Rubik? love that guy! also, did you know i can solve a rubix cube in 54 seconds?

2. he LOVES ice cream. he’ll gladly eat a half gallon in one sitting, and from time to time he even has the nerve to ask for more. i’m not kidding.

3. he is the BEST listener. want proof? he’s married to ME. and boy, do i know how to talk. and talk. and talk. in the 5 years we’ve been together, there has only been one time when he kindly asked if we (i) could stop talking for a few minutes (obviously i’ve never let him live this down). BUT he’s done a LOT of listening in his day. and he’s really good at maintaining eye contact, saying “uh-huh” at the appropriate times, and making you feel like what you’re saying really, truly matters.

4. he doesn’t like the sheets to be tucked in around him when he’s sleeping. i, on the other hand, like to be wrapped up like a mummy. this has proved to be a real problem in our marriage, but we’re working through it. (meaning: he un-tucks them every night, i re-tuck them in every morning.) other things he doesn’t like: brownies with nuts & waking up early, strictly because “its always different weather at that time then it will be during the day” so he doesn’t know what to wear (those 2 took me about 20 minutes to come up with. he likes EVERYTHING.)

5. he absolutely loves to sleep. (doesn’t every guy?!) i used to think my dad could fall asleep anywhere…danny has brought this concept to a whole new level. and he falls asleep HARD. i mean, i’ve just never thought of the 3 minutes it takes to put gas in my car as PRIME nap time, but clearly i’ve been missing out. now i know!

6. he LOVES sports. and, he is a  ridiculously gifted athlete. from time to time, this REALLY pisses me off. you know those people who pick up a tennis racket for the first time in their life and look like they’ve been doing it for years?! that’s danny. (meanwhile, i’m probably still trying to figure out which end to hold and complaining about my outfit. but what’s new?!) danny played volleyball in college, and then one year he decided he didn’t want to play anymore so he tried out for the soccer team instead…as a GOALIE, which he’d never played before. OF COURSE he made the team. (WHO DOES THAT?!)

7. he’s pretty quiet at first. it cracks me up when people tell me they think danny is shy, because to me he is anything BUT …but he definitely takes some time to open up. he’san introvert through & through, and needs time to himself to regroup.

8. he appreciates designer jeans. on me, and on himself. enough said!

9. his defense tactic when i’m upset with him is to make me laugh. it works EVERY time. which only makes me MORE mad at first, but once he has me crying because i’m laughing so hard, it’s hard to remember why i was mad in the first place. lucky-freaking-duck.

10. when it comes to waiting (for secrets, gifts, surprises, etc.) danny has the patience of a 7 year old. case in point: i already know ALL my christmas gifts this year because HE couldn’t wait any longer to NOT tell me. ha! he’s so cute to me.

i could keep going but i’ll stop there…for his sake, and yours!

(also because #11 was going to be about how good he looks without a shirt on…BUT my DAD reads this. EEK!)

love you, mr. danny!




“Maybe that’s what it all comes down to. Love, as a choice to commit to something, someone, no matter what obstacles or temptations stand in the way. And maybe making that choice, again and again, day in and day out, year after year, says more about love than never having a choice to make at all… Love is the sum of our choices, the strength of our commitments, the ties that bind us together.”  -Emily Griffin

some of my very best friends + all under one roof for the weekend = giddy already!!

can’t WAIT!


last week danny and  i took the plunge and bought a new (used!) car. i love her dearly, already! i’ve never been one to name cars, but for some reason i’ve been referring to “her” as kate. is that weird? never mind, i’m pretty sure it is.

it was SUCH a grueling process. i had no idea!! we were there for 8 hours. yes…EIGHT. it kind of felt like a battle, us two naive, innocent first time car buyers vs. mr. macho car salesman and his intense poker face. BUT we prevailed! and (i like to think) we WON! he definitely tried to pull some things over our head (really, an interest rate of 20% is not gonna fly, buddy!) but we weren’t gonna fall for that. no way jose!

it felt like that scene in legally blonde where the saleswoman tries to take advantage of elle’s blonde hair & complete disregard of price tags by over-selling a dress. but (because her father raised her well!) elle has done her research and tells said saleswoman “if you’re trying to sell it for full price, your picked the wrong girl!” suckaaaaa! yep, that’s exactly how i felt. i might’ve even quoted that line word for word. what?! it’s not like i used the bend and snap. on second thought…

ANYWAY, i love my car. LOVE! i’m so grateful. and can’t believe it’s actually mine! from time to time i just stare at her through the window. again, totally normal…right?

i’m just glad danny & i survived our first big purchase together! something we learned: he turns on mr. nice guy when things get going, while i get all good and feisty. pretty sure mr. car salesman gave danny multiple looks of sympathy at various points during my “i refuse to settle for that offer due to points A, B and C!” speeches. can it, buddy. danny knew what he was signing himself up for!

can’t wait for all the exciting things to come that our wonderful jeep will be a part of. and goodbye, dear accord. i will miss you so!


things i’m thankful for today (in no particular order): flannel sheets, pumpkin spice candles, ant killers, the love and support of my family, mashed potatoes, a warm house that i just adore, old friends, new friends, ugg slippers, my car that (somehow?!) is still going strong, a husband that makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive, dry shampoo,  every single person serving this wonderful country, sleeping in, hot showers, grace and mercy from above, james taylor, simultaneously cooking 3 things at once last night and NOT burning down the house, and our very first christmas decoration which i bought last night.

(and so, so much more!)

happy thanksgiving!

{image here}

and, arguably my most favorite:

how gorgeous are they ALL?!

 last night danny i went to the kings vs. ducks game. (side note: hockey players are INTENSE! i’m all for competition BUT i still can’t get over the fact that fans cheer and scream WILDLY when their players get into fights. um, if they were doing that outside the arena  i’m pretty sure they’d be arrested and put in jail for 5 years. juuuust sayin!)

tonight we’re going to the 2nd round of the women’s ncaa tourney…long beach state vs. miami. go beach!

on sunday, the gauchos play in the 2nd round of the ncaa tournament against providence. i’m already a nervous wreck!! getting over grudges has never been my strong point…proven by the fact that i’m still HEATED about how we went out last year. (truly, my heart is racing! don’t ask…because i WILL tell you the whole story and then you will be just as heated, and trust me…i feel strongly enough for about 15 people. freakin cal!) ANYWAY,we can’t be at this game but we will be listening on the radio, following on twitter, calling people we know at the game every 2 minutes, etc. go gauchos!!

and then there is this, the (ONLY) reason we’re missing the ucsb game…the mls cup on sunday night. truly, i don’t know if i’m going to be able to make it through sunday, my nerves are going to be THROUGH the roof!! go galaxy!!

life. is. GOOD.

have a great weekend!!

{images here, here, here & here}


as some of you may remember, this was the back drop at our wedding:

mind you, i was obsessed! i didn’t actually get to see this in all of it’s glory until danny and i walked in to our reception, and i was completely BLOWN AWAY. our wonderful friends matt & molly were ridiculously patient with us in hearing our vision for something along these lines…and then happily set to work creating something beyond our wildest imagination.

my memories of the reception blur between being extremely vague and crystal clear, but this one is not in question: i very distinctly remember someone (no idea who?) coming up to me and asking if it was okay to throw away all of the decorations…mainly those glorious, HUGE, wooden circles.

um, over my dead body!!

i was adamant that the main circle  was going up somewhere in our apartment…i just had to convince danny that he felt the same way. it took a while (i started to get nervous!) but with lots of  bribery (in the form of ben & jerry’s ice cream) it is now proudly displayed on our bedroom wall!

i’m. in. love.

yep, it pretty much takes up the whole wall. and i’m slightly terrified it’s going to fall down in the middle of the night and decapitate me, but so far so good! it was one of my very favorite things about our wedding and i absolutely LOVE seeing it every day in our precious home.

i fully plan on keeping this little (err, EXTREMELY large) memento with us for as long as i can, i just have to get danny on board. suppose i should just start stocking up on ben & jerry’s now!

too soon?

i’ve always held to the idea that you shouldn’t start decorating for christmas until thanksgiving is done & over, but this year i’m getting SO antsy to start covering everything in garland and strands of twinkly lights.

i know, it’s basically still the middle of july…lord have MERCY! but i’ve found myself day dreaming about colder weather, buying all my presents on december 24th, flannel sheets, matching stockings and watching love actually on repeat while my brother makes fun of me for the 925th time.

confession: we already have a christmas tree. and brace yourselves people: it’s fake. eek! BUT it is 7 feet tall. doesn’t that make up for something?!

in all seriousness, is it too soon to put it up tonight? at this point, i’m planning on it….i’ll just keep my blinds closed so my neighbors don’t think i’ve officially lost it.

39 days and counting!!

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1. i’m convinced that the people who work at AAA might just be the nicest people in the whole wide world. i’d love to see what the list of interview questions look like for potential employees, all i know is unless said candidate answers questions like “what would you do if someone just told you they killed someone?” with “i’d smile and ask them if they were in a safe location” they probably aren’t getting the job.

i’ve had to call them a few times this past year and they are always so friendly, and cheerful! when i called this past week, gloria (my new best friend) called me sweetheart, honey AND dear multiple times. typically there’s nothing i hate more than being called pet names by someone twice as old as me whom i’ve never met, but this just made me smile and love her even more. weird, i know.

2. if you try to  turn on your car and it makes a a rapid, clicking sound that kind of sounds like someone is firing an automatic rifle at an insane speed…don’t freak out. and, make sure you don’t call your parents and tell them your car is about to explode, you fear for your life or you need immediate help. instead, RELAX! that’s a common sound to hear when you have a dead battery. but obviously everyone knows that, right?

(okay but seriously people, how did you ALL know that?!)

3. when the AAA battery testing man arrives and tells you that indeed it is your battery that’s causing the problem and you should take your car to the nearest Honda because your battery has a 100 month warranty, play it cool. whatever you do, don’t call your parents back again jumping up and down exclaiming “WAHOOOOOOO! free battery here i come!!! i just love it when you actually get your money’s worth from a warranty because i feel like you never do!! take that, dead battery!!” because again, everyone knows that car battery warranties are pro-rated. meaning, if you’ve had your battery since 2006 (like me) and are quickly approaching the 100 month mark, you’re battery will only be about $2 less than a brand new one. throw labor on top of that, and you’re paying more than it would cost to buy a brand new one and install it yourself. man…good thing i knew that because calling my dad all excited would have been WAY embarrassing.

at this point, i’m nervous to see what i learn tomorrow…


 {image via here}


today, i’ve given myself an ultimatum: i can’t watch ellen until i’ve written at least 20 thank you cards. i know, a bit harsh. but desperate times call for very desperate measures.

it’s become obvious as the days pass on and ZERO thank you cards have been written that i NEED some sort of deadline!! man, i’m pathetic. one day last week, in an effort to try and get me going i printed out all of the cards, bought all the envelopes and  even went to the post office to get all of the stamps! i returned home prepared and even a little bit excited to get to work…and then i promptly found 3,956 other things to do.

as you can see, my ultimatum was completely and utterly necessary. the hard part was coming up with what it should be. i spent all morning trying to think of what was a good enough reward that would actually GET me to start writing…you know, something like a coke (i’m obsessed) or a shower (i smell awful…this could actually do the trick!) but i quickly remembered how stubborn i can be and scratched both those options. i knew if those were my rewards, at the end of the day i’d most likely be ridiculously grumpy due to my lack of caffeine and would smell even more putrid….with no progress on the thank you cards.

and then, i saw a commercial for ellen and my motivation seemed to fall into my lap. LORD help me if i can’t watch those two gosh darn ADORABLE english girls sophia grace and rosie that are on the show today!! they were on a few weeks ago (watch here if you haven’t seen. you will DIE!) and i only forwarded their interview to about 200 of my closest friends and tried to mimic their accents all day. i thought about dressing up as sophia grace for halloween, but what makes the duo is her hype girl rosie….and danny wasn’t having it. maybe next year. but seriously, they are absolutely the cutest things i’ve ever seen.

and so, it’s ON thank you cards! if this doesn’t do the trick, i don’t know what will.

(wish me luck. i’m really going to need it!)

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