on weddings.

ever since danny and i got married, i get SO excited whenever we receive a wedding invitation in the mail. and by SO excited, i mean full on skipping back to our apartment after checking the mail, doing cartwheels upon entry while simultaneously singing some sort of happy made up song about the soon-to-be bride […]

some of my very favorite people in the whole world.

and, arguably my most favorite: how gorgeous are they ALL?!

as some of you may remember, this was the back drop at our wedding: mind you, i was obsessed! i didn’t actually get to see this in all of it’s glory until danny and i walked in to our reception, and i was completely BLOWN AWAY. our wonderful friends matt & molly were ridiculously patient […]

desperate measures.

  today, i’ve given myself an ultimatum: i can’t watch ellen until i’ve written at least 20 thank you cards. i know, a bit harsh. but desperate times call for very desperate measures. it’s become obvious as the days pass on and ZERO thank you cards have been written that i NEED some sort of […]

because everyone loves a good mad lib…

when danny and i were planning our wedding, we realized we had SO. many. ideas! it’s hard to sort though all of your inspiration and decide what you ACTUALLY want to do…there’s a lot of pressure! a lot of our ideas sounded so much better in our heads…but turned out quite unfortunately on paper. however, […]

3 unconventional wedding decisions (i’m so glad) we made.

1. having a huge (colossal, enormous…whatever works) bridal party. i know. i’m crazy!! and believe you me, i had heard just as many horror stories as you have about how your aunt’s best friend had a bridesmaid who ruined the wedding, how even 4 is one too many, and was even warned that having more […]