ten (completely unrelated) things.

1. i’m alive! i went back to work (wahoo!) which is 100% to blame for me being completely MIA. and while i absolutely love my job, i absolutely HATE the commute. 100 miles a day in LA traffic = not fun. at ALL. by the time i get home, it’s all i can do to […]

desperate measures.

  today, i’ve given myself an ultimatum: i can’t watch ellen until i’ve written at least 20 thank you cards. i know, a bit harsh. but desperate times call for very desperate measures. it’s become obvious as the days pass on and ZERO thank you cards have been written that i NEED some sort of […]

the best tv show (EVER!!)

  (which, believe me…is saying A LOT. Lord only knows how many shows i watch!) ten reasons why you should (MUST!) watch friday night lights: 1. tim riggins – enough said. (give him until at least season 3 before you give up on him. by then, you won’t. i promise!) 2. coach & mrs. taylor […]