baseball trip!

over the summer, my family embarked on our self-proclaimed “baseball trip”: attending 3 baseball games in 3 days (& eating a hot dog at each stadium, DUH.) jk. i’m the only one that did that. OOPS. stop 1: Nationals Stadium. we took the Metro from our hotel, and felt like champs because we successfully changed […]

this girl.

i’m baaaaaaaack! weird, i know. i don’t even believe it and i’m writing the darn thing. well, let’s just get down to it. kapeesh?! meet Modesta. she’s 11 (we think) and the brightest little girl i’ve ever met. my sister met Modesta on her first trip to malawi. when we went back with her the […]

on weddings.

ever since danny and i got married, i get SO excited whenever we receive a wedding invitation in the mail. and by SO excited, i mean full on skipping back to our apartment after checking the mail, doing cartwheels upon entry while simultaneously singing some sort of happy made up song about the soon-to-be bride […]


have you heard of this “ombre” sensation?! i’m assuming i’m WAY late to the party, per usual…because i JUST figured out that all these girls walking around with grown out roots are doing it on PURPOSE. imagine THAT, why don’tcha?!  GENIUS! (side note: i can tell you exactly how this came about. some cool human […]

happy (belated!) valentines day.

love you, D. (words from here by Ann Voskamp)

ten (completely unrelated) things.

1. i’m alive! i went back to work (wahoo!) which is 100% to blame for me being completely MIA. and while i absolutely love my job, i absolutely HATE the commute. 100 miles a day in LA traffic = not fun. at ALL. by the time i get home, it’s all i can do to […]

day three: something you adore. uh-huh, those are my pants. my neon pink pants…mind you. all you wonderful people in my life, don’t worry: you were a close second. day four: letterbox. boriiiiiiiing. so i took two: the first one is our actual mailbox, the second is where we keep our mail when we bring […]

photo a day challenge!

 my dear friend sara invited me to play along in this photo-a-day challenge for the month of january. due to the fact that it’s HARD to think of something to post every day…which explains my once-a-week-posting (if you’re lucky!)…i happily agreed. so far, so good!     day one: i got past the first day […]

i feel so grown up!

last week danny and  i took the plunge and bought a new (used!) car. i love her dearly, already! i’ve never been one to name cars, but for some reason i’ve been referring to “her” as kate. is that weird? never mind, i’m pretty sure it is. it was SUCH a grueling process. i had […]