happy (belated!) valentines day.

love you, D. (words from here by Ann Voskamp)

        our first Christmas Card!! it only took me about 4 hours to chose from our 1,500+ wedding pictures and 500 different designs/layouts/colors…but we finally pulled the trigger. AND they’ve already been sent out. BEFORE christmas, mind you! i’m feeling very proud. (however, when i showed danny the finished product his first […]


things i’m thankful for today (in no particular order): flannel sheets, pumpkin spice candles, ant killers, the love and support of my family, mashed potatoes, a warm house that i just adore, old friends, new friends, ugg slippers, my car that (somehow?!) is still going strong, a husband that makes me feel like the luckiest […]

too soon?

i’ve always held to the idea that you shouldn’t start decorating for christmas until thanksgiving is done & over, but this year i’m getting SO antsy to start covering everything in garland and strands of twinkly lights. i know, it’s basically still the middle of july…lord have MERCY! but i’ve found myself day dreaming about […]

how to: make your own fall centerpiece!

all you need are a few simple things (purchased for less than $25, mind you!) 1.  a holiday wreath. we found this one at michaels and it fit perfectly snug around the hurricane…done and done! 2. a fall-colored candle that has some height to it. i snagged this bad boy from home goods…love that place! […]

happy halloween!

this weekend i celebrated at the nickelodeon halloween party! my best friend (since she moved onto my street in 5th grade!) works at nickelodeon and invited me to their extravagant, halloween affair…where they completely transformed the inside of their whole building into different mazes to represent each show. so fun! my favorite was probably sponge […]

one of these is not like the others…

any guesses on which one is ACTUALLY almost 26 weeks pregnant with triplets?! i know, we all look pretty darn convincing…huh?! however…at the end of the night, two of us took out the pumpkins (much to the relief of our husbands!) while the third one still has her little 3 boys growing miraculously inside.  but before […]