baseball trip!

over the summer, my family embarked on our self-proclaimed “baseball trip”: attending 3 baseball games in 3 days (& eating a hot dog at each stadium, DUH.) jk. i’m the only one that did that. OOPS. stop 1: Nationals Stadium. we took the Metro from our hotel, and felt like champs because we successfully changed […]

this girl.

i’m baaaaaaaack! weird, i know. i don’t even believe it and i’m writing the darn thing. well, let’s just get down to it. kapeesh?! meet Modesta. she’s 11 (we think) and the brightest little girl i’ve ever met. my sister met Modesta on her first trip to malawi. when we went back with her the […]

on weddings.

ever since danny and i got married, i get SO excited whenever we receive a wedding invitation in the mail. and by SO excited, i mean full on skipping back to our apartment after checking the mail, doing cartwheels upon entry while simultaneously singing some sort of happy made up song about the soon-to-be bride […]

happy (belated!) valentines day.

love you, D. (words from here by Ann Voskamp)

day three: something you adore. uh-huh, those are my pants. my neon pink pants…mind you. all you wonderful people in my life, don’t worry: you were a close second. day four: letterbox. boriiiiiiiing. so i took two: the first one is our actual mailbox, the second is where we keep our mail when we bring […]

ten things you should know about my main man.

1. he’s a genius. and i’m not just saying that because i’m his loving, slightly obsessed wife. his brain flat-out amazes me. he knows how to do EVERYTHING. and if he doesn’t, he’ll learn by tomorrow (and know more about the topic than the person who has been studying the subject  matter for YEARS.) common […]


things i’m thankful for today (in no particular order): flannel sheets, pumpkin spice candles, ant killers, the love and support of my family, mashed potatoes, a warm house that i just adore, old friends, new friends, ugg slippers, my car that (somehow?!) is still going strong, a husband that makes me feel like the luckiest […]

things i learned today.

1. i’m convinced that the people who work at AAA might just be the nicest people in the whole wide world. i’d love to see what the list of interview questions look like for potential employees, all i know is unless said candidate answers questions like “what would you do if someone just told you […]

celebrating 30 years!

“Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.”  Gene Perret main point: my total babe of a mom + my ridiculously hilarious dad garry o. = the best parents ever. hands down! explanation: today is my parent’s 30th wedding anniverary. thirty years!! as someone who has been married for just shy of […]