as some of you may remember, this was the back drop at our wedding: mind you, i was obsessed! i didn’t actually get to see this in all of it’s glory until danny and i walked in to our reception, and i was completely BLOWN AWAY. our wonderful friends matt & molly were ridiculously patient […]

how to: make your own fall centerpiece!

all you need are a few simple things (purchased for less than $25, mind you!) 1.  a holiday wreath. we found this one at michaels and it fit perfectly snug around the hurricane…done and done! 2. a fall-colored candle that has some height to it. i snagged this bad boy from home goods…love that place! […]

making our house a HOME.

when i first moved in to our apartment, i was living all by my lonesome (as the wedding wasn’t for another 2 months!) and spent every waking hour (or so it seemed) crossing off things on our ever growing to-do list. meaning, decorating the apartment feel to about number 1,398 on said list. after the […]