well, hello to you!

i’m kristen…happily married to my very favorite person & proud graduate of ucsb (go gauchos!!). i currently live in southern california, although i was born and raised up north and will always consider that home.

i like black olives, soccer, my husband, nordstrom, the color yellow, flannel sheets, rain boots, martha stewart, decorating for any and every holiday, polka dots, coca-cola, santa barbara, gerbera daisies, consistent people, wedding magazines, friday night lights, my family, Jesus, white kitchens, french fries, bows, nail polish, billy balls, college football, burlap, airport reunions, getting carried away, strangers who assume the best, crushed ice and country music.

i don’t like salad dressing, scary movies, guacamole, jeans that are too short, the lakers, navy blue & black together in the same outfit, when people wear pajama pants when it’s not pajama pants time, dirty dishes, diet coke, visible bra straps, no-shave november, living 6 hours away from my parents, flats that show your toes, cotton balls, guys with long fingernails, brown paper towels, driving across bridges, tapioca pudding, beauty pageants for girls under the age of 8, cinnamon, and sandals worn with socks.

(if you happen to enjoy something i don’t like, please don’t take it personally! i like making new friends that challenge me to change my stubborn mind most of all.)