baseball trip!

over the summer, my family embarked on our self-proclaimed “baseball trip”: attending 3 baseball games in 3 days (& eating a hot dog at each stadium, DUH.)

jk. i’m the only one that did that. OOPS.

stop 1: Nationals Stadium. we took the Metro from our hotel, and felt like champs because we successfully changed trains THREE TIMES on the way there and somehow managed to not lose a single one of us! (a feat to be proud of with 11 CLUELESS metro riders.) when we first walked in, they were giving away free t-shirts and ILLBEDARNED if we didn’t each get one. BIG TIME Nats fans over here, obvi! braving the masses, we each successfully claimed our prize and clutched our t-shirts like they were our most prized possessions for the rest of the night. i even braved the stampede twice to get one for my brother’s girlfriend. in hindsight, NOT my best idea. anyway! the game! the weather was beautiful and it was so, so fun to be there with my WHOLE family. the 6 of us (7 including danny) are rarely all together, and haven’t ALL been on a vacation for as long as i can remember.

the game was exciting, due mainly to the fact that the park sold dippin’ dots!  i had a red, white & blue concoction during the 4th inning, and chocolate during the 8th. you know, just doing my part to support the local businesses.

the Nats ended the game in the 10th with a walk-off home run and we hooped and hollered until they kicked us out.

FYI, hot dog score: 7/10.



stop 2: oriole park at camden yards.

we got to baltimore early in the morning on GAME DAY. the O’s were playing the red sox, and people were NOT messing around. we went out to breakfast, and roughly 100% of people were wearing some sort of Orioles or Red Sox paraphernalia. it was rad! i don’t think there was anyone in the city NOT going to the game.

my cousin, kelsey, who somehow knows EVERYONE managed to snag us a private tour of Camden Yards. you guys, this place is AWESOME. it’s right smack dab in the middle of the city, and has the most incredible atmosphere. this was my favorite stadium of our trip, by far. on our tour we got to sit in one of the dugouts (!!!!) and see all sorts of crazy things: the press box, the special little room the ump’s go to to play-back & review a play if necessary, the VIP club room that i unsuccessfully tried to hide in until the game started…etc. it was crazy to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff.

en route to the game, it started to rain. which was fun! until it started to come down hard enough to delay the game, and UT-OH…what if the game gets cancelled?! luckily it let up enough for the show to go on. of course, only AFTER my family had spent a small fortune on ponchos. dry, but clearly NOT locals. whateva!

danny & his adventurous, refined taste buds enjoyed a nice crab cake mid-game while i chowed down on my 2nd hot dog. (rating: 9/10.) however, the highlight of this game for me was watching my mom & dad YELL at Victorino, the right outfielder for the BoSox, as if they’d been DIE HARD fans their whole life. watch out, we Orso’s are pretty fiesty!


stop 3: Yankee Stadium.

ah, New York! you insane, crazy place. day 3 brought us to the magical land of honking horns and insomniacs galore.

our seats here were LITERALLY in the sky. tickets to see everyone’s beloved Yanks play are absurdly expensive & so we went with the cheapest available, aka: the nose bleed section. well, i called it the “if-i-lean-over-in-my-seat-too-far-i-will-surely-tumble-to-my-death!” section, but nevertheless.

baseball wise, this game was exciting because a) it was Jeter’s first game in a long while because of an injury and like the hero he is, he hit a home run with his first swing of the bat! and b) Soriano hit a walk-off single to win the game! if i’m being honest, both of these things would have been way more exciting if i had even an ounce of admiration for the Yankees, but alas…i do not. oh well, i’ll take teams i hate playing exciting baseball over teams i hate playing boring baseball. now THAT would be fun.

i did feel important being at Yankee Stadium, for some reason? almost like i was actively participating in something historical, like i was checking something off of my bucket list that will now forever elevate my status among all my Wall Street friends. i don’t know though, jury’s still out.

the garlic fries here were top notch, and the hot dog…well, to be honest, just the THOUGHT of another hot dog almost made me want to die, but i was NOT going to let go of my dreams and wimp out like everyone else. as far as ratings go, i don’t remember much besides being elated that i had finished the darn thing. therefore, i award this dog a 10/10.



other stops included: baseball hall of fame & a a full day gallivanting around NYC, but i’ll get to those later. maybe.


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  1. Christina says:

    So Cute!! Also, Kris, you would be super proud of me (or maybe disgusted) for how many hot dogs I have been eating over here. I mean, it’s AT LEAST one a week, usually from 7-11 (classy!) but I will mix it up and go to a hot dog stand on occasion, if it feels right.
    Also, I miss your family!! Can we have a Christina-Orsolini reunion around Christmas? Please?

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