things i learned from vernon.

this past weekend, danny and i went down to mexico with our church to help build a cute little house for a very deserving family of 7. of all the new friends i made, vernon was my VERY favorite. i mean, look at the guy! how cute is he?!

vernon(please excuse our matching shirts. it was an accident. kind of.)

anyway, we got to talk to vernon for a few hours on saturday night and after talking about jobs/kids/moving/his sweet wife kate/how he can’t remember anyone’s name and has to write them down, he said something that i wanted to tuck away and keep with me:

k: vernon, how many years have you been married?

v: 46, i think. hmm, 47? no! 48. umm, i’m not really sure. let’s go with around 45.

k:  ha! okay. what’s your secret to a successful marriage?

v: if you work at it, it will work.

AMEN, verny! man, i just LOVE that.

oh, and just FYI: if (and only if!) you’re over the age of 85 and make a HORRIBLY inappropriate joke over the walkie talkies that have been handed out to everyone in the ten car caravan, you will quickly be cleared of all appropriate consequences and instead (and deservedly so!) be awarded MVP of the trip.

touche my sweet and innocent looking new best friend, touche.


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