on weddings.

ever since danny and i got married, i get SO excited whenever we receive a wedding invitation in the mail. and by SO excited, i mean full on skipping back to our apartment after checking the mail, doing cartwheels upon entry while simultaneously singing some sort of happy made up song about the soon-to-be bride & groom, and spending the next two nights thinking about what i will wear to such a monumental occasion. yep, THAT kind of excitement.

i’ve always loved going to weddings, but after personally going through all the joys/hardships/stresses/let-downs/excitement of planning a wedding myself, it’s a whole new ball game. side note: after attending the wedding this weekend, i realize now that i was at such a disadvantage being the first out of all of my close friends to get married in regards to wedding planning…AKA there wasn’t anyone who told me that spending $300 on a cake cutting set was a COMPLETE waste of money (because NO ONE else will see them and after your wedding you will have no idea where they are) so instead, i happily spent$300 like a complete idiot thinking it was of the most utmost importance, for reasons unbeknownst to me now.

ANWAY. i love attending weddings and admiring all of the quiet details and decisions the bride has made, from the color of the linens down to the song choice for the father daughter dance. i love thinking about what the bride is feeling as she sees all of her months and months of hard work come together for her big day, i love looking at the groom waiting at the end of the aisle as soon as his bride appears, and i love sending the newly married couple off at the end of the night! CORNY, i know…but it’s all so romantic to me!

can you tell i love weddings?!

and, i absolutely LOVED this one. lindsay looked gorgeous, jeremy was smitten, and danny & i had so much fun laughing and dancing with old friends.

already excited for the next!






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