have you heard of this “ombre” sensation?! i’m assuming i’m WAY late to the party, per usual…because i JUST figured out that all these girls walking around with grown out roots are doing it on PURPOSE. imagine THAT, why don’tcha?! ¬†GENIUS! (side note: i can tell you exactly how this came about. some cool human thought to themselves “man, paying $100 to get my hair highlighted every few weeks is ridiculously exhausting. what happens if i stop?” and all of a sudden, TA-DA!) genius, i tell you.

ANYWAY, i’m into it. not on my head, because i don’t think i could shake the idea that i just look like someone with grown out roots. (because, um…that’s all it is?) BUT, i found another way to redeem myself in the fashion world and jump on board: ombre NAILS. i didn’t know how that was possible until a few days ago either, don’t worry.

a friend at work gifted me with this:


how fun is that?! i painted my nails as soon as i got home from work, and i’m borderline OBSESSED. amber bought the blue’s for herself…i love them both!

consider yourself warned: my nails will look like this for the next 6 months. which is funny, because by then this trend will be good and DONE. next time kristen, next time.

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  1. SjD says:

    you’re so funny… i’ll admit it, i have the ombre highlights. except i have to pay to get it done because of all of my (gulp) greys. BUT! jennifer aniston had the ombre during the later friends seasons. and sjp was workin’ them during the later seasons of sex and the city. soooo don’t feel bad about taking a while to come around to it. it took me about a decade to do the hair. (am i REALLY old enough to say “it took me a DECADE”?!)

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