ten (completely unrelated) things.

1. i’m alive! i went back to work (wahoo!) which is 100% to blame for me being completely MIA. and while i absolutely love my job, i absolutely HATE the commute. 100 miles a day in LA traffic = not fun. at ALL. by the time i get home, it’s all i can do to keep my eyes open while i eat dinner, let alone write a blog. but now that i’m starting to get in the swing of things, i miss writing on this guy! i’m coming back with a vengeance, people! watch out.

2. danny had to attend a conference in denver last week for work and i HAD to tag along, obviously. i feel like i’ve truly arrived at wifedom now: my first business trip is in the books! hurray! i tried my very best to refuse to leave. i failed, but not without putting up a fight! denver is GORGEOUS! and freezing. really, really freezing, actually. we ate great food, met a lot of fun denver-ites, and were completely content staying snuggled in our 75+ degree room catching up on our tv shows most nights. it was fun to actually RELAX on a vacation. we’re already scheming up ways to go back.

3. the lease on our apartment is up in 4 months. this is blowing my MIND, i feel like we moved in yesterday. we’ve decided we want to move….but have no idea where to. well, we have a few ideas, but most of them are crazy! EEK.

4. funny story: after checking in to our hotel in denver, danny and i went to hard rock cafe  for lunch. we sat at the bar so we could watch the ravens vs. packers game, and about half way through our meal a man came and sat down next to us. when the bartender asked what he’d like to eat/drink, he told her he just wanted water. she told him that in order to sit at the bar he had to order something, so he got a beer. no harm, no foul…right? WRONG. once she gave him the bill, he flipped. “SERIOUSLY?! SIX DOLLARS FOR A MOTHER EFFING BEER?!!” he then proceeded to angrily tell the bartender reasons as to why he didn’t have to pay the bill, citing colorado law and the fact that he “only had ONE sip!!!” umm sorry bud, doesn’t work like that. has that ever worked for you? didn’t think so. give it up buddy, give it up.

5. well, i majorly gave up on the photo a day challenge. boo, me. i’m NOT happy about this. in my defense, the content-t0-be-photographed turned kind of lame. water? light? really?!

6. i’m trying to stop biting my nails.  the other day i saw a girl GNAWING on her finger. first i was horrified, then it made me want to throw up, and then (after staring at her for at least 5 minutes) i thought to myself “man, is THAT what i look like? hmm. probably. cute K, reeeal cute.” and so, i’ve resolved to break my worst habit since 1998. wish me luck.

7. american idol is back. FREAKING FINALLY! i will always have a place in my heart for you scotty, but it’s time to move on. season 11, don’t let me down.

8. i bought a camelbak and am subsequently now obsessed with drinking water. if you can’t tell…i’m very proud of myself! (don’t worry, coke i haven’t forgotten about you. i’m sure i’ll be back to 3 cans a day soon enough.)

9. found this quote the other day, and i love it. really makes you think. “the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ah, Steven Furtick…i think you might be on to something.

10. i need to stop buying stripes. BUT in order for this to happen, i need stores to stop SELLING stripes. you can’t REALLY expect me to not buy them if they’re right in front of me, can you?! i’m helpless. it’s pathetic! the only thing more pathetic is my closet, currently home to about 76 striped shirts. dear me.

there you have it, friends. be back SOON!


2 Responses to “ten (completely unrelated) things.”
  1. Margie says:

    i have been waiting and waiting for this 🙂 and the nurse in me fully supports your decision to hydrate

  2. Jen says:

    i am thinking a good SOUTH BAY move is in order? please & thank you. i can stalk you a lot easier this way. mkay? thanks.

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