photo a day challenge!

 my dear friend sara invited me to play along in this photo-a-day challenge for the month of january. due to the fact that it’s HARD to think of something to post every day…which explains my once-a-week-posting (if you’re lucky!)…i happily agreed. so far, so good!



day one:

i got past the first day (which in my opinion was the WORST of the whole list!) with this picture. i absolutely HATE taking pictures by myself! i told danny to tell me a joke and then take a sneak attack picture…ta da! now i have 30 days to think of how in the world i’m going to take ANOTHER picture all by my lonesome.







day two:

breakfast! yep, those are rolos.  at least i’m being honest! usually i don’t have anything…so this is a step in the right direction. right?

on to day three!

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