ten things you should know about my main man.

1. he’s a genius. and i’m not just saying that because i’m his loving, slightly obsessed wife. his brain flat-out amazes me. he knows how to do EVERYTHING. and if he doesn’t, he’ll learn by tomorrow (and know more about the topic than the person who has been studying the subject  matter for YEARS.) common conversation in our house…me: you’ll NEVER guess what i learned today while watching the history channel! the rubix cube was invented in 1974 by a Hungarian sculptor! danny: oh you mean Erno Rubik? love that guy! also, did you know i can solve a rubix cube in 54 seconds?

2. he LOVES ice cream. he’ll gladly eat a half gallon in one sitting, and from time to time he even has the nerve to ask for more. i’m not kidding.

3. he is the BEST listener. want proof? he’s married to ME. and boy, do i know how to talk. and talk. and talk. in the 5 years we’ve been together, there has only been one time when he kindly asked if we (i) could stop talking for a few minutes (obviously i’ve never let him live this down). BUT he’s done a LOT of listening in his day. and he’s really good at maintaining eye contact, saying “uh-huh” at the appropriate times, and making you feel like what you’re saying really, truly matters.

4. he doesn’t like the sheets to be tucked in around him when he’s sleeping. i, on the other hand, like to be wrapped up like a mummy. this has proved to be a real problem in our marriage, but we’re working through it. (meaning: he un-tucks them every night, i re-tuck them in every morning.) other things he doesn’t like: brownies with nuts & waking up early, strictly because “its always different weather at that time then it will be during the day” so he doesn’t know what to wear (those 2 took me about 20 minutes to come up with. he likes EVERYTHING.)

5. he absolutely loves to sleep. (doesn’t every guy?!) i used to think my dad could fall asleep anywhere…danny has brought this concept to a whole new level. and he falls asleep HARD. i mean, i’ve just never thought of the 3 minutes it takes to put gas in my car as PRIME nap time, but clearly i’ve been missing out. now i know!

6. he LOVES sports. and, he is a  ridiculously gifted athlete. from time to time, this REALLY pisses me off. you know those people who pick up a tennis racket for the first time in their life and look like they’ve been doing it for years?! that’s danny. (meanwhile, i’m probably still trying to figure out which end to hold and complaining about my outfit. but what’s new?!) danny played volleyball in college, and then one year he decided he didn’t want to play anymore so he tried out for the soccer team instead…as a GOALIE, which he’d never played before. OF COURSE he made the team. (WHO DOES THAT?!)

7. he’s pretty quiet at first. it cracks me up when people tell me they think danny is shy, because to me he is anything BUT …but he definitely takes some time to open up. he’san introvert through & through, and needs time to himself to regroup.

8. he appreciates designer jeans. on me, and on himself. enough said!

9. his defense tactic when i’m upset with him is to make me laugh. it works EVERY time. which only makes me MORE mad at first, but once he has me crying because i’m laughing so hard, it’s hard to remember why i was mad in the first place. lucky-freaking-duck.

10. when it comes to waiting (for secrets, gifts, surprises, etc.) danny has the patience of a 7 year old. case in point: i already know ALL my christmas gifts this year because HE couldn’t wait any longer to NOT tell me. ha! he’s so cute to me.

i could keep going but i’ll stop there…for his sake, and yours!

(also because #11 was going to be about how good he looks without a shirt on…BUT my DAD reads this. EEK!)

love you, mr. danny!




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  1. Sheri says:

    Danny is a lot like his Dad. Especially numbers 2, 4 & 10! Just a comment on #6 – technically, Danny did play goalie in AYSO, but he was a kid, so maybe that doesn’t really count! haha I loved reading your perspective on my son! Awesome! 🙂

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