i feel so grown up!

last week danny and  i took the plunge and bought a new (used!) car. i love her dearly, already! i’ve never been one to name cars, but for some reason i’ve been referring to “her” as kate. is that weird? never mind, i’m pretty sure it is.

it was SUCH a grueling process. i had no idea!! we were there for 8 hours. yes…EIGHT. it kind of felt like a battle, us two naive, innocent first time car buyers vs. mr. macho car salesman and his intense poker face. BUT we prevailed! and (i like to think) we WON! he definitely tried to pull some things over our head (really, an interest rate of 20% is not gonna fly, buddy!) but we weren’t gonna fall for that. no way jose!

it felt like that scene in legally blonde where the saleswoman tries to take advantage of elle’s blonde hair & complete disregard of price tags by over-selling a dress. but (because her father raised her well!) elle has done her research and tells said saleswoman “if you’re trying to sell it for full price, your picked the wrong girl!” suckaaaaa! yep, that’s exactly how i felt. i might’ve even quoted that line word for word. what?! it’s not like i used the bend and snap. on second thought…

ANYWAY, i love my car. LOVE! i’m so grateful. and can’t believe it’s actually mine! from time to time i just stare at her through the window. again, totally normal…right?

i’m just glad danny & i survived our first big purchase together! something we learned: he turns on mr. nice guy when things get going, while i get all good and feisty. pretty sure mr. car salesman gave danny multiple looks of sympathy at various points during my “i refuse to settle for that offer due to points A, B and C!” speeches. can it, buddy. danny knew what he was signing himself up for!

can’t wait for all the exciting things to come that our wonderful jeep will be a part of. and goodbye, dear accord. i will miss you so!

4 Responses to “i feel so grown up!”
  1. SjD says:

    i was JUST asking adam how he feels about that model, i have a crush on it. congrats on the purchase!! i’m sure you, danny and kate will be a happy family for years to come. (oh, and thanks for posting again… i’be been checking multiple times a day!)

    • Kristen says:

      thank you!!! hopefully adam had good things to say…besides being a gas GUZZLER (compared to my accord!) she’s been SO wonderful to me! maybe someday we’ll be car twins!! ; )

  2. Margie says:

    my question is when are you doing to get another california sticker with the little heart over FO town, i think thats the finishing touch for kate 🙂

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