too soon?

i’ve always held to the idea that you shouldn’t start decorating for christmas until thanksgiving is done & over, but this year i’m getting SO antsy to start covering everything in garland and strands of twinkly lights.

i know, it’s basically still the middle of july…lord have MERCY! but i’ve found myself day dreaming about colder weather, buying all my presents on december 24th, flannel sheets, matching stockings and watching love actually on repeat while my brother makes fun of me for the 925th time.

confession: we already have a christmas tree. and brace yourselves people: it’s fake. eek! BUT it is 7 feet tall. doesn’t that make up for something?!

in all seriousness, is it too soon to put it up tonight? at this point, i’m planning on it….i’ll just keep my blinds closed so my neighbors don’t think i’ve officially lost it.

39 days and counting!!

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