things i learned today.

1. i’m convinced that the people who work at AAA might just be the nicest people in the whole wide world. i’d love to see what the list of interview questions look like for potential employees, all i know is unless said candidate answers questions like “what would you do if someone just told you they killed someone?” with “i’d smile and ask them if they were in a safe location” they probably aren’t getting the job.

i’ve had to call them a few times this past year and they are always so friendly, and cheerful! when i called this past week, gloria (my new best friend) called me sweetheart, honey AND dear multiple times. typically there’s nothing i hate more than being called pet names by someone twice as old as me whom i’ve never met, but this just made me smile and love her even more. weird, i know.

2. if you try to ¬†turn on your car and it makes a a rapid, clicking sound that kind of sounds like someone is firing an automatic rifle at an insane speed…don’t freak out. and, make sure you don’t call your parents and tell them your car is about to explode, you fear for your life or you need immediate help. instead, RELAX! that’s a common sound to hear when you have a dead battery. but obviously everyone knows that, right?

(okay but seriously people, how did you ALL know that?!)

3. when the AAA battery testing man arrives and tells you that indeed it is your battery that’s causing the problem and you should take your car to the nearest Honda because your battery has a 100 month warranty, play it cool. whatever you do, don’t call your parents back again jumping up and down exclaiming “WAHOOOOOOO! free battery here i come!!! i just love it when you actually get your money’s worth from a warranty because i feel like you never do!! take that, dead battery!!” because again, everyone knows that car battery warranties are pro-rated. meaning, if you’ve had your battery since 2006 (like me) and are quickly approaching the 100 month mark, you’re battery will only be about $2 less than a brand new one. throw labor on top of that, and you’re paying more than it would cost to buy a brand new one and install it yourself. man…good thing i knew that because calling my dad all excited would have been WAY embarrassing.

at this point, i’m nervous to see what i learn tomorrow…


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