how to: make your own fall centerpiece!

all you need are a few simple things (purchased for less than $25, mind you!)

1.  a holiday wreath. we found this one at michaels and it fit perfectly snug around the hurricane…done and done!

2. a fall-colored candle that has some height to it. i snagged this bad boy from home goods…love that place!

3. a hurricane candle holder. this one is about 12 inches tall (even though it looks about 5 feet tall in the picture. oops!).

4. brown burlap. did you know burlap comes in so many different colors?! i had no clue!


once you’ve gathered up everything it only takes about 2 minutes to put together! just pull the wreath over the hurricane and put the candle inside. then, cut your burlap however wide/long you want to fit your table (i cut mine to be a runner for a little more color on our white table) and you’re done! wahoo!

the finished product:


i absolutely love it! given, i may be a little biased…but it beats paying a ridiculous amount for a store bought centerpiece.

actually, when we were in michaels buying all of the materials (yes, i dragged danny along. he’s a trooper!) we put the wreath around the hurricane to see if it fit, and then left it on without really thinking. when we went to check-out, the cashier only rang us up for the price of the hurricane, thinking that it was sold as a set piece. she didn’t believe us until we pulled the wreath off. needless to say, we were very proud of ourselves!

i’ve had this on my table since the beginning of october and will happily leave it up through thanksgiving…and then i’m sure i’ll be on the hunt for a christmas wreath and a red candle.

who knew making your own decorations could be so much fun?!


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