desperate measures.


today, i’ve given myself an ultimatum: i can’t watch ellen until i’ve written at least 20 thank you cards. i know, a bit harsh. but desperate times call for very desperate measures.

it’s become obvious as the days pass on and ZERO thank you cards have been written that i NEED some sort of deadline!! man, i’m pathetic. one day last week, in an effort to try and get me going i printed out all of the cards, bought all the envelopes and ¬†even went to the post office to get all of the stamps! i returned home prepared and even a little bit excited to get to work…and then i promptly found 3,956 other things to do.

as you can see, my ultimatum was completely and utterly necessary. the hard part was coming up with what it should be. i spent all morning trying to think of what was a good enough reward that would actually GET me to start writing…you know, something like a coke (i’m obsessed) or a shower (i smell awful…this could actually do the trick!) but i quickly remembered how stubborn i can be and scratched both those options. i knew if those were my rewards, at the end of the day i’d most likely be ridiculously grumpy due to my lack of caffeine and would smell even more putrid….with no progress on the thank you cards.

and then, i saw a commercial for ellen and my motivation seemed to fall into my lap. LORD help me if i can’t watch those two gosh darn ADORABLE english girls sophia grace and rosie that are on the show today!! they were on a few weeks ago (watch here if you haven’t seen. you will DIE!) and i only forwarded their interview to about 200 of my closest friends and tried to mimic their accents all day. i thought about dressing up as sophia grace for halloween, but what makes the duo is her hype girl rosie….and danny wasn’t having it. maybe next year. but seriously, they are absolutely the cutest things i’ve ever seen.

and so, it’s ON thank you cards! if this doesn’t do the trick, i don’t know what will.

(wish me luck. i’m really going to need it!)

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