celebrating 30 years!

“Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day.”  Gene Perret

main point: my total babe of a mom + my ridiculously hilarious dad garry o. = the best parents ever. hands down!

explanation: today is my parent’s 30th wedding anniverary. thirty years!! as someone who has been married for just shy of 3 months, i can only hope that thirty years down the road my marriage resembles what my parents have created. i feel so lucky to have been blessed with such a wonderful example! not only are they each other’s biggest fans….but they have ALWAYS given their unparalleled love and support to each one of us kids.

because of all that, we knew we wanted to do something HUGE to help them celebrate! so we surprised them this weekend as any sensible person would: showing up late friday night and barging into their room with confetti poppers, streamers and a strobe light. my dad stood there quietly taking it all in while my mom fell out of bed kicking her legs and screaming something about robbers. it was AWESOME. (it also helped to assure us all that if there were to ever be actual robbers, my mom would be a GREAT distraction while my dad calmly handled the situation.)

on saturday night we rented a limo (i need to do this more often. grocery store, perhaps?!) and drove downtown to the restaurant where they had had their reception 30 years ago. let me just say…i wish i could have been at their reception because this place was FANCY!  in between courses we were served things like cucumber sorbet and grilled red onion pastries to  “cleanse our palette” (servers words, not mine!) and it was quite obvious that ordering something as trivial as a coke to go with my “rib-eye chargrilled with caramelized shallot-tomato butter” was highly looked down upon. (i wanted one SO bad!)

after dinner we had one last surprise for my parents: a sweet hotel room with a window that opened to look out on all the city lights. throw in the fact that it was raining and my mom was ecstatic! i helped carry their luggage (that my sister & i had secretly packed!) to the room and upon arrival, fell in love. i almost successfully convinced them to let me stay as well, but no luck. maybe next time!

it was so fun to be able to do something like that for our parents after they have done so, so much for us over the years.

love you dearly, mom and dad! happy anniversary!!

2 Responses to “celebrating 30 years!”
  1. SjD says:

    ohmyfreakingcryingoutloud! (1) i laughed out loud at the image of your sweet mom having a moment of fright at the thought of robbers (2) i laughed out loud all over again just typing #1 (3) you guys are so so so awesome! i want to steal that idea for something fun. theorsolinisarethefunnestfamilyever.

  2. Kristen says:

    hahaha! we recorded ourselves sneaking into their room & i thought about posting it, but it’s really dark and all you can hear is my mom screaming bloody murder…i’m feel like if the video somehow got out without the explanation, i might have police knocking at my door. but seriously.

    but thank you! it was really, really fun. surprises are HARD but we had such a blast!

    p.s. istillwishyouwouldhavemarriedintomyfamily. (just kidding adam!)

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