last night danny i went to the kings vs. ducks game. (side note: hockey players are INTENSE! i’m all for competition BUT i still can’t get over the fact that fans cheer and scream WILDLY when their players get into fights. um, if they were doing that outside the arena  i’m pretty sure they’d be arrested and put in jail for 5 years. juuuust sayin!)

tonight we’re going to the 2nd round of the women’s ncaa tourney…long beach state vs. miami. go beach!

on sunday, the gauchos play in the 2nd round of the ncaa tournament against providence. i’m already a nervous wreck!! getting over grudges has never been my strong point…proven by the fact that i’m still HEATED about how we went out last year. (truly, my heart is racing! don’t ask…because i WILL tell you the whole story and then you will be just as heated, and trust me…i feel strongly enough for about 15 people. freakin cal!) ANYWAY,we can’t be at this game but we will be listening on the radio, following on twitter, calling people we know at the game every 2 minutes, etc. go gauchos!!

and then there is this, the (ONLY) reason we’re missing the ucsb game…the mls cup on sunday night. truly, i don’t know if i’m going to be able to make it through sunday, my nerves are going to be THROUGH the roof!! go galaxy!!

life. is. GOOD.

have a great weekend!!

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