as some of you may remember, this was the back drop at our wedding:

mind you, i was obsessed! i didn’t actually get to see this in all of it’s glory until danny and i walked in to our reception, and i was completely BLOWN AWAY. our wonderful friends matt & molly were ridiculously patient with us in hearing our vision for something along these lines…and then happily set to work creating something beyond our wildest imagination.

my memories of the reception blur between being extremely vague and crystal clear, but this one is not in question: i very distinctly remember someone (no idea who?) coming up to me and asking if it was okay to throw away all of the decorations…mainly those glorious, HUGE, wooden circles.

um, over my dead body!!

i was adamant that the main circle  was going up somewhere in our apartment…i just had to convince danny that he felt the same way. it took a while (i started to get nervous!) but with lots of  bribery (in the form of ben & jerry’s ice cream) it is now proudly displayed on our bedroom wall!

i’m. in. love.

yep, it pretty much takes up the whole wall. and i’m slightly terrified it’s going to fall down in the middle of the night and decapitate me, but so far so good! it was one of my very favorite things about our wedding and i absolutely LOVE seeing it every day in our precious home.

i fully plan on keeping this little (err, EXTREMELY large) memento with us for as long as i can, i just have to get danny on board. suppose i should just start stocking up on ben & jerry’s now!

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  1. Margie says:

    oh i am so glad this is finally up in your place!! looks good kris!! cant wait to see it in just a few weeks when i crash there 🙂

  2. SjD says:

    i lovvvvve it. danny… come around already! it’s so cute!

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