one of these is not like the others…

any guesses on which one is ACTUALLY almost 26 weeks pregnant with triplets?! i know, we all look pretty darn convincing…huh?!

however…at the end of the night, two of us took out the pumpkins (much to the relief of our husbands!) while the third one still has her little 3 boys growing miraculously inside.

 but before we did that, we managed to take about 500 pictures and laugh hysterically in regards to our newfound baby bumps. note to self to remember in the future: pregnancy makes things like touching your toes and picking things up off the ground A LOT harder. other than that, i think i’ve got it down. baby, here we come! (kidding, danny. and mom & dad. deep breaths!)

 maybe a few more pictures will help make it a little clearer…

blythe, the proud mama-to-be of 3 more boys, is on the far right in the last picture. (she looks GREAT, huh?!)

(you can read her blog about her triplets here!)

in the mean time, i found a soccer ball that i think looks eerily realistic regarding me: 6 months pregnant with a singleton. i might just pop that in while watching ellen to see if being pregnant will affect my favorite i’m-watching-tv position from the couch. i’m very curious. don’t mind me! it’s good to be prepared, right?!

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  1. Margie says:

    LOVE the pictures!! seriously, they are so cute!!

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