happy halloween!

this weekend i celebrated at the nickelodeon halloween party! my best friend (since she moved onto my street in 5th grade!) works at nickelodeon and invited me to their extravagant, halloween affair…where they completely transformed the inside of their whole building into different mazes to represent each show. so fun! my favorite was probably sponge bob…partially because they had a HUGE jelly fish that was awesome! and partially (meaning 95%) because that was the only show i recognized (kung fu panda? i thought that was a movie?!)

beck told me to come as baby spice. i’ve only dressed up as her once or twice (okay, or 8 times) so the costume part was easy. the only problem i ran into was just poor planning on my part: realizing i STILL had to drive to burbank from irvine (oh you know, only a 2 hour drive in traffic) after i put RIDICULOUS pig tails in my hair. i tried to avoid eye contact with every single person on the road, but that lasted for about 2 minutes…so i then resorted to plan b: making up completely reasonable explanations as to why i had styled my hair so beautifully and sending these reasons in subliminal message form to all other drivers. only problem, they still didn’t get it. in total i got 3 waves, 4 honks and about 529 awkward stares. i was tempted to roll down my window and yell “it’s halloween, people!” but i figured i should just keep whatever dignity i had left and keep driving. ¬†yeah, i was completely humiliated. oh well.

my favorite part about of the night (besides your maze, beck!) was the caramel apple station. why have i never thought of this before?! it was GENIUS! and delicious. has anyone ever tried whipped cream on a caramel apple? threw me off at first, but it was actually pretty good.

anyway, i hope everyone has a wonderful halloween night! part of me wishes i was back in santa barbara to take in all of the chaos while trying to figure out half the costumes (they don’t give you much to go off of!) but the other part of me is perfectly content making hot dog mummies for dinner and watching the scariest move of all time: hocus pocus! seriously though, those witches CREEP. ME. OUT! might have to keep the lights on so i don’t scream bloody murder when trick-or-treaters knock on the door. actually, i might have to sleep with the lights on.

happy halloween!

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  1. Becky says:

    Kristen!! Next year you have to come out to West Hollywood. It’s JUST LIKE SB!! Minus people passed out or throwing up on the side of the road. You’d love it!

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