3 unconventional wedding decisions (i’m so glad) we made.

1. having a huge (colossal, enormous…whatever works) bridal party.

i know. i’m crazy!! and believe you me, i had heard just as many horror stories as you have about how your aunt’s best friend had a bridesmaid who ruined the wedding, how even 4 is one too many, and was even warned that having more than a few girls up there next to me would take all the attention off of me (so, what happens if you have 10?!). but when we started to think about who we wanted standing up there with us on our wedding day, the decision for us was an easy one. (everyone, obviously!)  every single person in our wedding party means the world to us. every. single. one. our friends are truly, truly the BEST.

note for brides-to-be: when it comes down to it, it’s YOUR day. do what you want! if that means having a 20 person wedding party, so be it. i remember peeking out of the bridal room when the ceremony first started, seeing all of our groomsmen next to danny and then watching each one of my bridesmaids walk down the aisle. i will always treasure that. yes, it did take about 20 minutes (i’m not kidding…) but being surrounded by all of my closest friends only made marrying my best friend that much better.

2. having a first look.

now, i know this isn’t for everyone. i completely see both sides of this, which is why we wrestled back and forth with the idea of actually doing this for a while. but after a lot of thought, it  became a really easy decision for us. on the most important day of our lives AND the  first day of our new life together, it only made sense that i should get to spend some time with my soon-to-be-husband. you hear me?! if you think about, on your wedding day…you’re always surrounded by people. (people you love and adore and want to spend time with, no doubt!) but it all goes by so fast! and all of a sudden you’re driving away at the end of the night with a ring on your finger and (if you’re anything like me) you literally can’t believe it’s over. seeing danny before the actual ceremony calmed me down, helped me catch my breath, and made me so infinitely excited for what we were about to do.

when i first saw him, i sobbed. this was not planned, or expected. and then, we laughed hysterically! “can you believe this?! it’s our wedding day! we’re getting MARRIED!” i think we repeated those 3 lines over and over and over again. it was such a special time for the two of us to take it all in. i wouldn’t trade that time for the world. to each their own on this one, but i think it is SUCH a wonderful idea.

3. having grandpa tom officiate our ceremony.

when danny and i started talking about who would officiate our ceremony, we were kind of stuck. i had always envisioned my pastor from back home marrying me off, as had danny…the only problem was, we each had only met the other’s respective pastor a handful of times. something about that just didn’t seem right. i wanted the person who would marry us to be someone who knew us both, and knew us well. someone who had encouraged us along the way, and had seen us grow in our relationship throughout the years. someone that knew our strengths and weaknesses, someone that had been praying for us since day one, someone that i respected and admired with my whole heart. and that someone was, without a shadow of a doubt, grandpa tom.

danny and i met with grandpa tom and his wife (of 58 years!!) for dinner a few nights before the wedding to make sure everything was all set. before we sat down, grandpa tom told us “well, you’ve been married about 10 times in my mirror so far. now i’m just trying to get through without crying!” just in case we weren’t 100% sure we’d made the right decision (we were!) this erased any uncertainty.

bottom line: have the guts to make your own decisions, even if not everyone agrees. it’s more fun that way!

3 Responses to “3 unconventional wedding decisions (i’m so glad) we made.”
  1. Kara Orsolini says:

    4th unconventional decision…
    letting your sister be your maid of honor!!! oh wait. that’s not really that unconventional. BUT YOU ARE SO GLAD YOU MADE IT!!

  2. Kara Orsolini says:

    wait. this is embarrassing… I didn’t mean to post that yet… awkward. anyways, I love this miss. reminds of kate spade just kristen style- that’s a pretty big compliment in my book! haha
    I love you so much!! and really, I am glad that you guys survived the camping trip- it would’ve been a bummer if you hadn’t… hehe
    (guess that freshman 15 carries over to first year of marriage too ey? a whole bag of oreos between two people?!?!? really??? i’m impressed.)

  3. SjD says:

    here, here! how many people questioned our processional song being under pressure? answer: every single person we know. i love that you guys made it your own. and it looks like it was the most gorgeous wedding ever… and you were STUNNING. congratulations again!

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